Arthur ROCKS! Great listener, clear communicator, very proactive and responsible. From the get go, Arthur helped me refine the visual story that we were trying to tell, breaking down both the animation components and their sequencing. I’m mostly a live-action video producer, so having someone with both the technical skills AND the vision really helped.
He delivered his work on time and on budget, with talent and enthusiasm. Arthur clearly loves what he does and is dedicated to making each project as good as it can be.

– Christian Schneider, creative director, Ideagarden

Gamechangers, How Energy Storage Transforms The Power System

a Christian Schneider and production

an production

executive producer
Janice Lin, Strategen

director, camera & edit
Christian Schneider

written and produced by
Stephanie Zhong

additional camera
Morgan Schmidt-Feng
Dominique Taylor

motion design and animation
Arthur Muradyan

daVinci resolve colorist
Lucas Hartog

production support
Anthony Rock McGinty
Ramona Wouters


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